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X-Ray Your Business with Projectivity Solutions’ Trust-Based Approach

In today’s fast-paced business environment, project management has become more important than ever before. To succeed in today’s market, businesses need effective project management solutions that can help them streamline their operations, improve productivity, and achieve their goals. That’s where Projectivity Solutions, Inc comes in.

Did you know that 70% of small business owners fail in their 10th year of operation? Projectivity Solutions aims to reduce this number dramatically. They offer services to help small businesses thrive, including financial management and marketing strategies. Give them a try and give your business every chance to succeed!

Projectivity Solutions, Inc.: Building Trust-Based Cultures

Projectivity Solutions, Inc. is a unique organization that uses science and research to build people, relationships, and high-performing trust-based cultures. The company conducts targeted “X-Rays” focused on four key areas: business operations, relationships, financial performance, and mindset. With over 130 years of experience, Projectivity Solutions offers a range of core programs that are designed to help businesses achieve exceptional growth and performance.

Enterprise Foundation Program: Focused on Fast Results

The Enterprise Foundation Program is designed to provide businesses with fast results. The program focuses on identifying the most critical factors that need to be infused into a business and prioritizing accordingly. By approaching a business as a dynamic, living system filled with interrelated elements, Projectivity Solutions can craft unique solutions tailored to a company’s specific needs.

Exceptional Enterprise Program: Moving from REACTIVE to FOCUSED

The Exceptional Enterprise Program uses the Stages of Growth™ methodology to help businesses move from reactive to focused. The program identifies and infuses missing vital elements into a company’s ecosystem to create high-functioning, highly profitable organizations. The program consists of 11 components, each of which corresponds to a structured engagement that strengthens a particular business area.

Exceptional Manager Program: Working ON the business, not working IN the business.

The Exceptional Manager Program is a unique 12-month learning experience that shapes the management team into the backbone of an exceptional company. The program helps managers move from doing to critical thinking by working on the business rather than in the business. This approach allows managers to step back and identify areas where the business can be improved.

Exceptional Mindset Program: Creating a Culture

The Exceptional Mindset Program focuses on creating a culture of collaboration by helping leaders move from me to us. The program emphasizes the importance of an outward mindset, which is a foundation for true collaboration and collective business success. By developing an outward mindset, leaders can improve their leadership style, treatment of people, innovation, collaboration, team building, and overall business success.

Exceptional Leader Program: Optimizing Human Potential

The Exceptional Leader Program is designed to optimize human potential by building trust-based relationships. The program incorporates self-mastery skills and adds leadership skills that optimize team potential. The third component is a culture of collaboration, which balances business acumen and compassion. The program’s advanced leadership modules include conflict transformation and key person acquisition, which can help businesses achieve sustainable growth and performance.

Empowering Businesses to Thrive: The Projectivity Solutions, Inc. Story

Founded in 1990 by Phil Bristol, a former US Army strategic systems consultant, the company initially provided project management solutions to California Bay Area technology companies before evolving into program management consulting and training. Today, Projectivity Solutions serves clients in the USA, Europe, and India, offering strategic planning, business process improvement, leadership development, and organizational culture services.

Projectivity Solutions’ mission is to increase business value by identifying and eliminating the unseen obstacles that adversely impact employee satisfaction and productivity. By building trust-based cultures and empowering businesses to thrive, the company helps its clients achieve sustainable growth and performance.

To achieve this mission, Projectivity Solutions begins each engagement with a diagnostic approach, assessing the current organizational strengths and challenges. Unlike other organizations, Projectivity Solutions uses over 130 years of science and research to gather data through targeted “X-Rays” focused on 1) business operations, 2) relationships, 3) financial performance, and 4) mindset. By custom-tailoring the engagement experience to optimize results, the company empowers businesses to move from reactive to focused, from doing to critical thinking, and from control to influence.

Opening a New World of Possibilities for Clients with Projectivity Solutions

Projectivity Solutions, under the leadership of CEO Phil Bristol, aims to unlock the potential of small to mid-sized businesses by identifying specific growth targets and relevant challenges through the Stages of Growth approach. By serving both for-profit and non-profit organizations with 500 or fewer employees, Projectivity Solutions caters to a geographically dispersed client base with a core focus in the United States, Europe, and India. The company uses assessments to determine organizational complexity and objectively determine strengths and challenges affecting customer experience and service quality. This creates a common language and experience for the leadership team and employees by integrating culture, people relationships, work processes, and strategic plans. The service portfolio of Projectivity Solutions opens up a new world of possibilities for clients by providing the tools to accelerate organizational performance and drive growth.

Synergy with the Latest Technological Advancements at Projectivity Solutions

Projectivity Solutions, under the leadership of CEO Phil Bristol, collaboratively serves non-profit and for-profit organizations with 500 or fewer employees, which are geographically dispersed across the globe. The company adapts to the latest technological advances to optimize program effectiveness and integration. By using assessments to determine organizational complexity, Projectivity Solutions helps CEOs objectively determine strengths and challenges affecting customer experience and service quality. This approach creates a common language and experience for the leadership team and employees by integrating culture, people relationships, work processes, and strategic plans. Thus, Projectivity Solutions is in synergy with the latest technological advancements in the market, providing clients with the tools to drive growth and success.

Ensuring Quality Services with Projectivity Solutions

At Projectivity Solutions, ensuring the quality of services is a top priority. CEO Phil Bristol and his team use their principles and processes that accelerate organizational performance for clients. Moreover, they engage in periodic conversations to re-invest the lessons learned when working with clients. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Projectivity Solutions delivers high-quality client services. By objectively determining strengths and challenges affecting customer experience and service quality, the company creates a common language and experience for the leadership team and employees by integrating culture, people relationships, work processes, and strategic plans. Thus, Projectivity Solutions ensures the quality of its services by using its own principles and processes to drive organizational performance and continuous improvement.

Projectivity Solutions, Inc.: Integrating Over 130 Years of Research and Expertise to Help Businesses Succeed

Projectivity Solutions, Inc. uses over 130 years of research and expertise in the fields of management, leadership, organizational development, psychology, and behavior. They use scientific insights and findings to help businesses succeed. Their experience is deeply rooted in the history of these fields, from Fredrick Taylor’s scientific management in 1880 to the Hawthorne Study by Elton Mayo in 1932 and beyond. The company has also incorporated modern research, such as Jim Collins’ Good to Great and Michael Hammer’s Business Process Reengineering, to provide businesses with cutting-edge solutions to their management and organizational needs. With such a rich history of knowledge and experience, Projectivity Solutions is well-equipped to help businesses achieve their goals.

Projectivity Solutions, Inc.: Offering a Unique and Effective Approach to Business Consulting

Projectivity Solutions, Inc. has developed a unique approach to marketing its products and services, with a focus on customer satisfaction as the key driver of success. The company relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and internet postings to generate initial interest, and onboarding assessments are used to determine how the programs will suit each client’s culture and collaboration level between staff. These efforts have led to client referrals being the source of over 75% of Projectivity Solutions clients.

One of Projectivity Solutions’ competitive advantages is its use of copyright-protected material that is shared with attribution. The company’s integration and delivery approach to programs elevates its services to a high level that is not easily duplicated by other consulting organizations. With a focus on providing holistic, practical solutions customized to each client’s specific needs for balanced growth, Projectivity Solutions uses research and the adult learning model with three distinct stages. This approach includes pre-meeting videos, team meetings using content binders, post-meeting discussions, material refinement exercises, and implementation in each workshop design.

Projectivity Solutions’ impact scale on the targeted industry is significant, focusing on helping client companies resolve missing business skills and processes while enhancing staff relationships. The company’s unique marketing approach and competitive advantages have set it apart from other consulting organizations, positioning it as a leader in the industry.

Meet the Key Officials at Projectivity Solutions

Phil Bristol, Founder and Managing Principal brings over 35 years of experience in leadership, project management, and the IT industry to Projectivity Solutions. He is a renowned expert in accelerating organizational performance. He has worked with public and private sector clients in strategic planning, business process re-engineering, enterprise-wide project management, and leadership development.

Gary Yeatts, Principal, has over 35 years of business management and human resources experience. He specializes in conflict resolution, team building, communication skills, and leadership development. He has worked with public and private companies, assisting key leaders in goal and strategy development, change management, and conflict resolution.

Franck Ramaroson, the Principal, has over 28 years of leadership experience and is the founder and CEO of méristHemE. He specializes in coaching individuals and companies facing VUCA transition situations to achieve peak performance, sustainable well-being, and autonomy in maintaining that status. He is certified in various assessment instruments and focuses on strategic planning, project management, and leadership development.

Dr. John Buckholz, Principal, brings over 32 years of experience in podiatric medicine to Projectivity Solutions. He is internationally recognized for his scientific expertise on Complex Foot and Leg problems and is a medical education strategist. He works with physicians to reduce behaviors responsible for burnout, distrust, and insurability risk. He specializes in measuring a person’s value systems and the predictive capability of such measurements in determining critical decisions.

Insights from Projectivity Solutions’ Leadership Panel

At Projectivity Solutions, the leadership panel’s source of motivation is to ignite passion within leaders so others will flourish. This statement embodies their philosophy that leadership is not just about the individual but the team’s collective success. They believe that great leaders inspire and empower others to reach their full potential.

Work Culture at Projectivity Solutions

Projectivity Solutions’ team is geographically diverse and maintains connections through regular Zoom meetings and conference calls. The company also attends professional conferences to stay abreast of industry developments and network with peers. While they have had to suspend in-person events due to the pandemic, they plan to resume these events in the future.

Projectivity Solutions, Inc.: Delivering High-Quality Engagements and Building Strong Relationships

Projectivity Solutions, Inc. has been a leading provider of transformational engagements to clients for several years. The company has received numerous certificates and plaques from professional and community organizations in recognition of its contributions to the community. Moreover, since 1994, the company’s founder, Phil, has received eleven subject matter expertise certifications ranging from personal to organizational skills. The company’s significant achievement, however, is that over 75% of its clients come from referrals, demonstrating its clients’ trust in the company.

The Future of Projectivity Solutions, Inc.: Strategic Planning, Expansion, and Mentoring

Phil Bristol has big plans for the next five years. The company will continue to focus on delivering excellent services to organizations with 500 or fewer employees, emphasizing operational excellence and team collaboration. The company’s 2023-2024 plans include expanding its services to Europe and India, refining its strategic planning service, and mentoring an advisory team. With these plans, the company aims to improve its services further and build strong relationships with its clients.

Words of Wisdom from Projectivity Solutions, Inc.: Serving Others to Build Positive and Supportive Relationships

Phil Bristol believes serving others is the key to unleashing creativity and excellence. The Phil Bristol philosophy is to build positive and supportive relationships with its clients, which, in turn, helps them achieve their goals. Phil Bristol suggests serving others and building strong relationships with aspiring entrepreneurs. By doing so, they can achieve success while positively impacting their community.

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