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Amcha Ghar: Providing Holistic Care and Protection for Those in Need

Amcha Ghar is a remarkable not-for-profit organization that has been providing exceptional care and protection services to vulnerable children, senior citizens, and women since 1996. Based in Uttan, Bhayander, their mission is to ensure the holistic growth and development of those in need, by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment. With a deep commitment to skill development, Amcha Ghar empowers individuals to become self-sufficient and independent, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives. Their unwavering dedication to creating a better world for all is truly inspiring, making them a shining beacon of hope for those in need.

From Intern to Activist: One Woman’s Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse in India

In April 1996, Agatha Sushila Dias was a young intern looking to make a difference. Little did she know that a chance encounter would change her life forever. Upon returning from the Christmas holidays, Agatha woke up to devastating news – a girl child had been sexually abused. She was advised to investigate the case, and so she began her work.

As she dug deeper into the case, Agatha was hit with a realization – we may think we live in a safe environment, but the reality is that girls around us are not safe anymore. In India, a child is sexually abused every 15 minutes, and the impact of this problem cannot be overstated.

Agatha soon came to understand that there were multiple layers to this issue. She realized that a holistic and inclusive approach was needed to curtail the problem. Experience of working on this case opened her eyes to the real injustice faced by the women and children in the streets/ slums of Mumbai which changed her life forever. She felt a calling to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by sexual abuse.

Determined to address the issue more effectively, Agatha founded a non-profit organization called Amcha Ghar. The aim was to engage key stakeholders and empower children who had been affected by sexual abuse, giving them a second chance to lead a life with dignity and pride.

Agatha anticipated that the early intervention will be crucial and critical. The children needed to be mentored and empowered so that they could set a pathway for a bright future. Amcha Ghar became the catalyst thatbridged the divide between those affected by sexual abuse and the help they needed.

Agatha’s story is one of courage, compassion, and a deep desire to make a difference. She refused to turn a blind eye to the problem of sexual abuse in her country and took action to address it head-on. Her work with Amcha Ghar has changed countless lives and will continue to do so for years to come.

Creating a Future of Opportunity: Vision and Mission for a More Equitable Society

Amcha Ghar believes that everyone deserves an equal chance to reach their full potential. Theirmission is to create a future where every individual has access to quality education, sustainable

livelihoods, and improved lifestyles for senior citizens. They understand the importance of reducing inequality and promoting equitable growth to achieve their goal of creating a society where everyone can flourish and contribute to their community’s development. To make a positive impact on society, they invest responsibly in destitute childcare, promote health and wellbeing, and facilitate access to sustainable livelihoods. Through their efforts, they aim to contribute to sustainable development and make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need at scale. Their vision is not only inspiring but also necessary for building a better world for everyone.

Empowering Businesses to Thrive: Amcha Ghar’s Impactful Initiatives for Children in Need

Amcha Ghar has been empowering people in need through its various services, including shelter for orphan children, access to quality education for underprivileged children, and healthcare and food for senior citizens. To ensure sustainable impact, the organization has built partnerships with various corporations for financial aid. One of the organization’s notable initiatives is the Amcha Ghar English High School and Jr. College, which has set trends by launching multiple initiatives that deliver trust and create creative leaders of tomorrow through participatory learning approaches.

Here are some of the initiatives that Amcha Ghar has taken to empower its beneficiaries:

  • Technology-enabled Learning: Technology has played a key role in ensuring access to quality education for all of the organization’s 550 children during the pandemic for almost two years.
  • Corner Schools: The team used school buses to bring education to children at their doorstep during the pandemic, resulting in no dropouts and fair access to quality education for every child.
  • Capacity Building: Amcha Ghar ensured that its teaching and non-teaching staff had a basic knowledge of COVID-prevention to fight back against the global pandemic while working in the field during the pandemic.
  • STEM & Tinker Innovation Learning Lab: In line with the new education policy and to impact 21st-century skills in a more participatory and practical way, Amcha Ghar set up a tinker innovation and learning lab on school premises to impact over 650 children.
  • Clinic in School: To fight against the global pandemic, Amcha Ghar set up a clinic in school to ensure every child is safe in school.

As a result of these initiatives, many of Amcha Ghar’s beneficiaries have been working in reputed institutions including banks, financial institutes, the hospitality industry, multinational corporations, government offices, NGOs, government, as well as overseas, etc. Amcha Ghar’s mission to empower children in need has indeed helped them build a brighter future.

Amcha Ghar’s Unique Service Portfolio and Competitive Advantages

Amcha Ghar has been serving humanity for the past 27 years, impacting over 14,72,054 plus beneficiaries through its various programs. The organization’s service portfolio has opened up a new world of possibilities for the clients by providing them with opportunities to lead dignified life. The organization has seen many of its beneficiaries still connected to its roots, supporting the needy, and has been blessed with corporate partnerships where employees volunteer to create a lasting impact on the beneficiaries’ lives.

In synergy with the latest technological advancements, Amcha Ghar has invested in an exclusive computer lab and tinker innovation lab to provide tech-led education opportunities to children. The organization ensures the quality of its services through its processes, capturing data for all its interventions, including quantitative and qualitative reporting.

Amcha Ghar conducts research about innovative practices within the development sector and implements them in its organization, taking its organization to the next level. The organization’s exclusive approach to marketing its products and services includes conducting a needs assessment study, ensuring high branding and visibility of the program through various mediums.

One of Amcha Ghar’s competitive advantages is the launch of an English medium school for children from the poor section of the community, blending learning approaches with STEM learning labs, first- aid, and highly trained professionals to deliver the best education. The organization provides free education to children and delivers excellence while serving the community.

Tinker learning, STEM, and the organization’s educational curriculum have the potential to scale considering the program’s need for those who cannot afford quality education. The organization wishes to collaborate with key stakeholders to scale the programs implemented within Uttan, Bhayander, to other locations.

Overview of Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias – Key Official

Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias is a renowned coach, trainer, and TEDx speaker who helps individuals manifest their dreams and teaches them to train others to do the same. She strongly believes that she is a particle of the universe and enjoys being chosen by the universe for different missions. Amcha Ghar, which she founded in 1996, is her brainchild, where she provides a ray of divine light to underprivileged human beings. Agatha Sushila is a Peace Ambassador at IWPG South Korea and a Peace Advocate of HWPL, South Korea. She has been honored with various accolades, including being titled the Women to look up to in 2021 by Passion Vista Magazine, and is listed as one of the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine.

Insights of the Leadership Panel on Leadership

The leadership panel of the organization has a diverse set of professionals who have contributed significantly to the organization’s vision. They strongly believe in contributing to the organization’s growth in the best possible manner.

Work Culture and Recreational Approaches

The organization treats its employees as one family and ensures that they stay with the organization for a more extended period. They provide their employees with the best financial support, recreational facilities, and exposure visits to build their capacities and maintain a flexible work approach. The employees who have been with the organization for 10 to 15 years respect their culture and enthusiasm. These recreational approaches help maintain employees’ enthusiasm and keep them motivated.

Major Achievements of the Organization in Recent Years

As an organization that has just completed its 27th anniversary, they are proud to have achieved several milestones in recent years. Some of their most significant achievements include recognition and awards from reputable organizations, both nationally and globally.

Forbes Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs 2020

In 2020, Forbes recognized the organization’s founder as one of the top ten women entrepreneurs, marking a significant achievement and an acknowledgment of her entrepreneurial skills.

Indian Achievers Award 2020

They were also honored with the Indian Achievers Award 2020, which recognized their organization’s contribution to the business world in India.

Peace Ambassador for IWPG, South Korea

In 2018, Amcha Ghar’s founder was selected as the Peace Ambassador for IWPG, South Korea, recognizing her efforts in promoting peace and harmony globally.

Top Women Leaders to Look at in 2021-Passion Vista (Vista, P., 2023)

In 2021, Passion Vista named Amcha Ghar founder as one of the top women leaders to watch out for, reaffirming her position as a successful entrepreneur.

Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2022 (2022, March 8)

9The organization was awarded the GC Women Entrepreneur Award in 2022, which acknowledges the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs in various fields.

GC Emerging Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021 (2021, March 9)

The organization was awarded the GC Emerging Women Entrepreneur Award in 2021, which acknowledges the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs in various fields.

Champions of Change Award

In 2021, the Governor of Maharashtra awarded the organization with the Champions of Change Award, in recognition of its contribution to society through its business activities.

Indian Prime Icon Awards

In 2022, Amcha Ghar was honored with the Indian Prime Icon Award in the Education and Social Enterprise category by FoxClues, a notable recognition in the industry.

Bhartiya Naari Ratna Awards

Amcha Ghar founder was recognized as the Best Women Entrepreneur at the Bhartiya Naari Ratna Awards 2022, presented by the Global Scholars Foundation – Padma Shri Dr. Vijaykumar Shah.

Future Endeavours: Empowering Children through Education

Amcha Ghar has set ambitious but achievable plans for the next five years and is committed to making a positive impact on society. The organization’s future endeavors are centered around empowering children through education, and they have identified three key initiatives to help the organization achieve this goal.

  • School on Wheel – Amcha Ghar’s first initiative is the School on Wheel program, which is one of its kind in India. This program aims to empower 10,000 children from five states of India by March 2027. The program provides children with access to 21st-century STEM education, teacher training programs, pedagogy innovation, and a digital library. The aim of this initiative is to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to learn and grow, regardless of their socioeconomic background.
  • Girls Can Code Project – The organization’s second initiative is the Girls Can Code Project, which focuses on empowering girls through tech-led initiatives such as robotics, tinkering, innovation, and coding. By giving girls the skills and tools they need to succeed in technology, the organization hopes to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.
  • CODE – Center of Excellence for the Development of Children through Education – Organization’s third initiative is the CODE program, which aims to create 1000 leaders of tomorrow through quality education, personality development, and communication skills through experiential learning models across 100 schools from five states by 2027. This program is designed to provide children with the tools they need to become leaders in their communities and beyond.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Becoming an entrepreneur requires more than just an idea, it takes hard work, dedication, and a belief in oneself. Aspiring entrepreneurs must dream big and set achievable goals to turn their dreams into reality. Implementing and following processes is crucial for success, as it allows for the desired outcomes to follow while promoting long-term sustainability. Passion and commitment are essential qualities for entrepreneurs, as well as the ability to believe in oneself and the people around them. Keeping aspirations high can help entrepreneurs navigate challenges and remain focused on their goals. With perseverance and dedication, aspiring entrepreneurs can achieve great success in their chosen fields.

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