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EyeMail Inc : Revolutionizing Email Marketing with Video Engagement

In a world dominated by digital communication, EyeMail Inc. is revolutionizing the email marketing industry with its groundbreaking video engagement solutions. EyeMail understands the challenge businesses face in capturing attention and standing out in overflowing inboxes.

EyeMail empowers businesses to increase customer engagement by enabling video (up to 60 seconds) to automatically play across webmail, email, and mobile platforms. This innovative video in email solution allows companies to differentiate themselves and establish meaningful connections with their target audience. This innovative technology extends across industries, empowering brands in retail, e-commerce, finance, entertainment, and more to share their stories, showcase products, and inspire action through captivating videos directly in the email and mobile experience.

EyeMail Inc. boasts an impressive roster of key clients, comprising renowned names such as Microsoft, Delta Air Lines, PepsiCo, MGM Resorts International, Porsche North America, The Coca-Cola Company, and Harvard Business School. Additionally, the company forges valuable collaborations with mid-tier and emerging brands, as well as nonprofit organizations, showcasing its commitment to a diverse range of partnerships.

With a global reach and upcoming launches of the EyeMail Software as a Service (SaaS) Storytelling Platform customers will be able to create EyeMail experiences in minutes. This also include new products and features such as EyeCon, EyeViewer Assistant (EVA), and Video in Text, EyeMail is poised to redefine the email marketing landscape and empower businesses to drive customer engagement and meaningful results in today’s competitive digital world.

Inception Story of Lisa S. Jones: Founder & Chief EyeMail Officer

Lisa S. Jones, the visionary CEO behind EyeMail Inc., embarked on her entrepreneurial journey after a life-altering event reshaped her perspective on communication and its impact. As a seasoned corporate executive with careers at NASA and in the Telecommunications industry, she initially believed her career path was set in stone. However, a phone call from her sister delivering the devastating news of their mother’s untimely passing ignited a period of reflection and soul-searching.

During this time of introspection, Lisa delved deep into the value and influence of communication. The memory and legacy of her mother became a driving force, inspiring her to launch a company that would be globally inspiring, deliver tangible value, and honor her mother’s name.

Recalling the profound effect that a single communication had on her own life, Lisa contemplated starting a communications business. Her focus shifted to email as she recognized its potential for global reach and the absence of inventory required for delivery. This realization led to the formation of her idea: what if the email had a personality and was brought to life with the video?

Motivated by her belief and vision, Lisa embarked on extensive research by subscribing to over 150 email marketing lists from various global brands. She soon discovered a common thread among these communications – lackluster black-and-white emails with an excess of text, static images that failed to resonate, or attachments that required downloading. None of them felt special or inspired her to take action. It was this experience that sparked the idea for EyeMail.

Lisa envisioned a revolutionary approach where static email communication would be infused with personality and enhanced through the automatic play of video directly within the email inbox.

In 2004, EyeMail was born, driven by a shift in purpose and a motivated team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, spanning ages 23 to 78, all dedicated to delivering the best email engagement experience on the planet.

At the outset of this venture, EyeMail’s mission became clear – to inspire engagement and deliver captivating storytelling moments within the email inbox. Recognizing that traditional email formats had not evolved significantly since their inception in 1971, EyeMail aimed to disrupt the status quo by providing subscribers with a truly immersive and engaging experience.

In today’s digital landscape, where the average person sends and receives a staggering number of emails daily, standing out from the clutter has become increasingly challenging. EyeMail’s vision is to empower marketers to break through these barriers by offering innovative and compelling email marketing experiences to both internal and external audiences.

Lisa S. Jones, as the driving force behind EyeMail Inc., has earned recognition for her pioneering contributions to digital email strategy. Lisa has been honored with prestigious awards including Stevie Award, ‘Innovator of the Year’ and the Delta Air Lines ‘Catalyst of the Year’ award.

Microsoft Finalist-Diverse Supplier of the Year, Top 10 Disruptive Leaders to Watch, and Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech, solidifying her position as a catalyst for digital disruption and a prolific innovator in the field.

In addition, Lisa S. Jones has also been named as a Microsoft-Finalist Diverse Supplier of the Year, Furthermore, Lisa has been acknowledged as one of the 10 Most Disruptive Women Leaders to Watch, highlighting her exceptional leadership skills and her ability to drive meaningful change in the digital landscape. Her remarkable achievements have also placed her among the Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech, further solidifying her status as a visionary and influential figure in the technology sector. Lisa’s remarkable accomplishments and dedication continue to inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs and women in the industry.

Ensuring Exceptional Service Delivery.

EyeMail Inc. ensures the quality of its services through various key practices. Firstly, the company establishes clear and measurable service standards that align with its goals and customer expectations. This provides a foundation for delivering high-quality services consistently.

Investing in training and development programs is another crucial aspect of maintaining service quality. EyeMail prioritizes the continuous growth and expertise of its team members, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide exceptional services.

To monitor and evaluate service delivery, EyeMail implements robust quality control processes. This includes regular performance assessments, gathering customer feedback, and conducting internal audits to identify areas for improvement. By actively seeking and listening to customer feedback, EyeMail can address concerns, gather insights, and enhance the overall service experience.

EyeMail’s commitment to research and development (R&D) plays a vital role in taking the company to the next level. By staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and industry trends, EyeMail can explore new integrations and applications. This enables the company to develop innovative solutions and continuously improve existing processes, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.

EyeMail holds a unique competitive advantage in the market. As a patent-pending marketing technology, EyeMail is the leader in the video in email space since 2004. With years of industry expertise and a substantial Enterprise customer base, the company has solidified its position as an authority in the field. EyeMail’s technology supported the launch of Microsoft Windows 11 to millions of subscribers, further demonstrating its capabilities and impact.

One of EyeMail’s distinctive features is its ability to deliver engaging video experiences in any language, at a small file size of 15kb, without the need for downloads, thumbnails, or hyperlinks. This optimized performance works seamlessly with all email service provider systems, setting EyeMail apart from competitors.

EyeMail’s unique combination of patented technology, industry experience, optimized performance, and successful partnerships makes it difficult to replicate. These factors contribute to EyeMail’s competitive advantage, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the video in email industry.

In the next five years, EyeMail is expected to be globally adopted as the standard for video email communications. The incorporation of expanded features, such as closed captioning, will further enhance accessibility. Additionally, Generative AI will play a crucial role in advancing email communications. The integration of video-in-email with AI technology will result in personalized experiences, ultimately improving consumer engagement. Lisa, as the Chief EyeMail Officer, will be responsible for shaping the future of communication and marketing. Her role will involve consulting and sharing thought leadership on upcoming trends and technologies.

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