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Meet the new generation of CEO – ONKAAR & AVNEET: Founders of M.A.D Team

Meet Onkaar and Avneet, the dynamic duo of young leaders who are making a difference in this world. This sibling pair are award-winning speakers and bestselling authors of books that inspire young people.

They are Founders of the M.A.D Team – which encourages young people to be Mindful, Appreciative and Driven in life to Make A Difference in our world. If that wasn’t enough, they have launched the SHINE Awards to revolutionize how we recognize and celebrate young peoples’ contributions and achievements across the globe.

ONKAAR & AVNEET, The new generation of CEO. 


Onkaar and Avneet are young leaders who have always been passionate about creating positive change.Growing up in London UK, they witnessed the deep impact of Covid-19-related lockdowns on young people’s mental wellbeing. They taught young audiences the importance of a growth mindset and techniques for improving confidence. They recognized that confidence and mindset are the foundations for success. Onkaar and Avneet teach online workshops plus in schools and activity clubs nationally.

At the age of 8 and 10 years old respectively, Avneet and Onkaar became the number 1 bestselling authors. Their book titles include:

A Kid’s View on Confidence

A Kid’s View on Nature

Everyday Mindset

These young trailblazers have good values at heart: with each activity, their primary focus is to support charity. They have fundraised for global and local charities. For example save the Children, Place2Be, Sustainable Three Rivers, and The Wildlife Trust. Onkaar and Avneet are on a mission to empower young people to be M.A.D! That is Mindful, Appreciative and Driven to Make A Difference in our world. In a world where responsible young leaders are needed to make an impact, Onkaar and Avneet are certainly leaving an indelible mark worldwide.

What is the M.A.D Team?

Onkaar and Avneet have started a movement for young people to be Mindful, Appreciative, and Driven. The aim is to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of our youth. They want the M.A.D movement to inspire young leaders to believe and achieve so they Make A Difference in our world.

Onkaar and Avneet were inspired to start the M.A.D Team as they recognized the negative impact of a fixed mindset and self-limiting beliefs. They found that so many people around the world were being held back by negative thoughts and emotions. They have seen that positive actions can unlock the immense potential of young people in today’s complex world. Even a small change can have a dramatic positive impact over time and can help the wider community. Their vision is to lead this movement for every young person to be M.A.D!

Contact the M.A.D Team : When they’re not at school, Onkaar and Avneet will reply to your email and they are keen to share their thoughts. So contact them via email: info@theMADteam.co.uk

 Services available: Speakers or deliver Keynote at your event, Workshop based teaching for young people at your school or specific setting, Fundraise, Bulk order of books, Virtual events via Zoom, Worksheets and Newsletter available by subscription

 What are the SHINE Awards?

 The SHINE Awards, established by Onkaar and Avneet, is an annual award ceremony that celebrates the achievements of young people across the globe, while raising money for charity.

By shining a spotlight on brilliant young people, the SHINE Awards not only encourages them to continue their valuable work but also motivates other young individuals to make a ripple effect and positive impact in their own communities. Onkaar and Avneet are starting a wave of positive work across the entire world and they want everyone to get involved!

How to get involved with the SHINE Awards?

Firstly, VISIT www.theMADteam.co.uk and explore more about this dynamic duo and their work.

Then, remember to REGISTER to attend the SHINE Awards.

Email Onkaar and Avneet if you wish to DONATE and you will be sent a donation link.

And finally, remember to NOMINATE any inspirational young people who are suitable for an award. The award categories and nomination criteria are available on the website. Nominations close at midday (London time) on 30 September 2023.

Onkaar and Avneet serve as inspiring beacons to every young person. Their M.A.D Team and the SHINE Awards highlight the incredible potential and impact of young leaders. Through their visionary initiatives, they are inspiring a new generation to step forward to make a difference and create a better future. Let us rally behind them and support their endeavours to empower young people across the globe.

The SHINE Awards

Register now to attend the SHINE Awards

Shine a spotlight on the young people who Make A Difference in our world

11 November 2023

2-5 pm

Bourne Hall | Spring Street | Surrey | United Kingdom | KT17 IUF


The M.A.D Team


Now Open

Do you know someone aged 5-18 years, who is making a difference in our world?

Entrepreneur Award

Environmental Award

Sporting Award

Drama Award

Expression Award

Community Award

Nomination Deadline: 30 September 2023

Nominate someone or Self-nominate TODAY


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