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Balaji Ramachandran Aka Bala

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Exceeding Customer Expectations in 2023 with Great CX Strategies.

86% of consumers would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences, and US businesses lose around $35.3 billion annually in customer churn. 2023 will be a defining year for technology, platform, and solution vendors to demonstrate value to their clients, which is why providing excellent customer experiences (CX) has become so important. With the current economic uncertainty, clients are scrutinizing their CX investments and looking at customer retention for better ROI. This is where SoftClouds, based in California – an innovative and well experienced CX solutions provider excels in.

SoftClouds provides implementation services and CX solutions for enterprise companies around the world and is led by an industry leading CX expert, Balaji Ramachandran aka Bala, its CEO. The organization has been in the business for over 17 years and is based in San Diego, California with offices in India and Japan.

Bala tells us that businesses must be very careful in choosing the right technologies and platforms that enable them to adjust quickly to the ever-changing market. Customers are looking for instant gratification and personalized experiences. These requirements push businesses to work continuously to improve and enhance CX. Customers expect quick, immediate, efficient, and effective customer service, which means businesses must be careful in choosing the right platforms and services for their CX, and the right implementation partner who excels in CX solutioning.

Bala predicts that in 2023, technology will help companies improve on their CX. Here are some futuristic CX trends & solutions that will help improve businesses:

Enhance Interactions with BOTs:

Users no longer need to search a company’s website for data. By using a familiar discussion interface, they can easily communicate with a bot that’s integrated with the business’s information system and can give hyper-individualized responses.

Humanize Digital Experiences:

Creating offerings that adapt to shifting consumer tastes and behaviour is a prerequisite for personalization. Instead of lumping people into larger groups, AI-based personalization attempts to give the best CX in real-time, tailored to that individual’s needs.

Implement AI Technologies:

A company’s competitive advantage depends on its capacity to scale up the collection, analysis, and use of individualized data to improve the customer journey. By using AI to individualize CX based on data, companies can experience a multi-fold increase in ROI.

Improve Privacy & Security:

86% of consumers are concerned about data privacy, 78% fear the amount of data collected, and 40% say they don’t trust brands to use their data ethically. Concerns about data privacy are justified. Businesses must make sure to invest in customer data privacy and security.

Conversational Voice Technology:

It is easy to buildsolutions that connect with humans in a natural & conversational setting. Natural language processing (NLP) and conversational AI are being integrated with machine learning and natural language understanding (NLU).

Provide Omnichannel Experiences:

Clients who engage in omnichannel shopping tend to spend more money than those who only shop through a single channel. Not only do they spend 4% more in-store, but they also spend 10% more online than single-channel shoppers. Furthermore, the more channels they use, the more they tend to spend.

Evaluate Your Audience:

Users are growing tired of being followed online by ads for items they sought weeks ago or inundated with ads for products they’re not interested in. Instead of cookies tracking their audience, companies can use AI to evaluate and determine their audience’s needs in real time.

Device-Agnostic Experiences:

Clients want the freedom to choose from various payment methods or shopping channels. Creating seamless and device-independent shopping experiences at the physical or digital point of sale is essential for businesses hoping to attract and hold the attention of clients.

Switch to Self-Service:

88% of global consumers expect businesses to have a self-support portal. Self-service solutions focused on client success are being developed by organizations with the use of modern technologies.

SoftClouds strongly believes that personalization will remain the top priority for loyalty, and humanized digital experiences will become much more important for next-generation CX. For this to happen, businesses need to embed the importance of CX across the entire enterprise and unify customer data to provide the best experiences. Regardless of the channel, customers desire for instant gratification is a common requirement throughout all interactions with their favourite brands.

The experts at SoftClouds recommend that businesses stop isolating their customers and start providing them with the right resources to achieve the best CX. By giving customers what they need to meet their needs swiftly & successfully 24×7 a customer can provide effective self-service that liberates customers using connected gadgets or payment methods. Therefore, the need for businesses to invest in futuristic and strategic CX platforms and solutions is significant for them to be successful.

SoftClouds – The Expert CX Solutions Provider

SoftClouds learned early on the importance of customer experience, especially at the enterprise level. SoftClouds was founded in 2005 by its CEO, Balaji Ramachandran who is deeply focused on creating excellent & exceptional CX solutions. He has 25+ years of entrepreneurial and innovation leadership experience that has helped shape today’s CX software industry. Bala has a solid foundation of implementing customer relationship management for SMBs and enterprises.

As an innovative software solutions provider, SoftClouds delivers cloud, mobile, and digital solutions for CX and digital transformation that improve corporate profitability. The offerings SoftClouds provides its clients with in-depth business performance data to make their analysis quickly and efficiently. SoftClouds is very proud to say that enterprises choose SoftClouds as their trusted CX solutions provider.

SoftClouds believes in guiding their clients through their customer journey by delivering innovative, creative, and consultative solutions. Team SoftClouds enables clients to be successful by embracing their vision. With decades of experience and deep industry-specific expertise, the solution architects at SoftClouds provide Oracle and Salesforce implementations and custom Apps/ERP/SaaS & Mobile solutions development to help their clients achieve their goals.

SoftClouds has a very well experienced team that has delivered successful solutions for many markets and industries. SoftClouds offers flexible business models (fixed bid, time, and material) and have multiple execution locations (on-site, off-site, offshore). The main offices of SoftClouds are based in San Diego, CA, USA with global offices in Japan and two offices in India (Hyderabad & Delhi).

To learn more about SoftClouds, the latest CX trends, solutions & technologies, visit SoftClouds at www.softclouds.com

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