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Kayshaun Brooks is a former nurse and now a Holistic Pain & Trauma Warrior. Owner of Renew You Body Butters a luxury holistic award-winning skincare company. Specializing in helping those with sensitive skin issues such as eczema, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation and more. She has currently partnered over 60 affiliates and 1 celebrity brand ambassador. All who promote her products and services. Kayshaun teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale their own affiliate programs. She’s also all about networking, collaborating and building relationships.

Kayshaun comes from a background of working in the medical field for 20 years. Out of those 20 years she was a nurse for 10 years. She also has been personally studying holistic treatments for over 20 years as well due to personal health issues. Kayshaun started formulating products almost 20 years ago as well. She has always had sensitive skin and would play around with natural ingredients to get relief. However, from time to time she would still use store bought products to fit in with everyone around her, but they would always cause irritation to her skin.

Kayshaun vividly remembers as a child when the Avon orders would come in for her grandmother, everyone would gather around to try the new products. Kayshaun knew the products would irritate her skin but did not want to be left out. Therefore, she would try the products knowing it would burn and cause irritation. Soon after she would have to go wash it off and go put her prescription ointment on and smell like medicine. This is one of the reasons that lead her to customizing a luxury holistic skincare line for those with sensitive skin. Kayshaun wanted those with sensitive skin to be able to feel beautiful, luxurious and nurture their skin at the same time with nontoxic chemical-based products.

Not only did Kayshaun have sensitive skin but so did her children. Her youngest son has had it the worst. He has had severe sensitive skin since infancy. He had extremely sensitive skin and multiple forms of eczema. His skin was so bad he would constantly scratch his skin until it would shred and bleed. All the doctors could do was prescribe steroids and sleeping medication. Kayshaun knew she didn’t want this to be the life for her son. She started researching all about eczema, sensitive skin and how to manage it holistically. She learned it was more than what you put on your body but what you put in your body as well. After years of research, Kayshaun started customizing products for herself, her family and friends.

One of the key elements that she noticed was that everyone had better results when she eliminated artificial dyes, fragrances, alcohols, preservatives and using only organic ingredients. Basically, using all plant-based ingredients. For the next 10 years, anytime someone had an issue with on their skin she would research, study and customized their products to their specific needs. In 2018 Kayshaun had an amazing opportunity to put her products in a friend’s store, but she had to be a real business and that’s when Renew You Body Butters was born. Kayshaun knew her target audience was those who loved holistic products, had sensitive skin and who wanted to use all plant-based products with no artificial ingredients because it made a huge difference.

One of the most incredible things about Kayshaun is how she has built her company while managing chronic pain and chronic illnesses. The same year she started her business, she got crushed by an electronic gate at a prison and was left there to die. It was nothing but a miracle that she got herself out and made it out alive. She thought her body would just take a few months to heal, but who knew that was just the beginning of her chronic pain and chronic illness journey. The following year her 20 years of working in the medical field came to an end and all she had in front of her was this new business that she didn’t know what to do with at the moment. Also that same year Kayshaun started suffering from a unknown chronic illness. With no income and not being physically able to work she knew she had to transition this business to online only.

Kayshaun was disabled with chronic pain, chronic illnesses, left alone to raise her youngest children and still needed to build her company from the ground up. With limited help from the people, she knew and thought loved her, she knew she had to reach out to strangers. Kayshaun did just that with networking, collaborating and building relationships. She truly learned the power in networking, collaborating and building relations. Kayshaun learned to humble herself, bartered for services, create partnerships and most importantly started to tell her story. Kayshaun also learned not collaborating with others made excelling in business a lot harder and it would cost a lot more money.

Once the light bulb clicked in her head all of this led to Kayshaun having a thriving affiliate program with over 60 affiliates, 1 celebrity brand ambassador, amazing collaborations and beautiful relationships. Kayshaun has now coined herself as the modern say Madam CJ Walker. She wants to create an empire just like Madam CJ Walker but with holistic wellness products. Another extension of her business is teaching entrepreneurs how to start and grow their own affiliate programs. She truly believes every business owner should not grow their business by themselves and should have their own affiliate program. Kayshaun’s company Renew You Body Butters also offers wholesale and private label options as well.

Kayshaun never would have imagined after ending a 20-year career in the medical field would have led to this massive empire that she is building, and she is just getting started. Be sure to stay locked in with everything Kayshaun is doing because she has so much more in store for the world to see. Such as nonprofit, multiple books and becoming a motivational speaker as well.

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