Meet Oliver Rolfe, the Founder and CEO of Spartan International, which specialises in building, creating, and assisting new departments, divisions, and teams within the Global Equity space, as well as Life/Career & Health/Wellbeing Guidance. Oliver is also a two-time published author, having published his first book ‘The Survivor’s Guide to Your Career Today’, which is a must-have career guide for 16-25 years old, at the end of 2019 (just before the pandemic struck). During this time, it allowed Oliver to write and focus on his second book “The Holistic Guide to Your Health and Wellbeing Today,” and was ranked 41st on the Amazon Best-selling charts when it was released at the end of 2022.

Oliver has also been featured in several prestigious newspapers throughout the world, including the New York Times, Bloomberg, The Trade News, EuroMoney, The Gulf Times, and many more. Over 21,000 people follow Oliver and Spartan on social media, and they also have a daily blog that receives 100,000’s of monthly views, a newsletter with over 14,000 subscribers, and a Spartan International YouTube channel.

In 2022 both Oliver and Spartan international have launched a new charitable trust named Education to Career (etc). Over the past six months or so, Spartan International has started an effort to offer every secondary school, business school, and university within England a free copy of Oliver’s first book, ‘The Survivor’s Guide To Your Career Today,’ to place within their libraries for the use of all of their students. Additionally, Oliver has created free online videos to guide students through each step of his book and has also included the ‘Survivor’s Guide Presentation’ online for free, plus more. Additionally, both Oliver and Spartan are offering heavily reduced books for all students and places of education.

“The Holistic Guide to Your Health and Wellbeing Today”

A decade ago, my life changed forever. Now, using my personal experiences, professional knowledge and scientific studies, this book guides you through the minefield of information available to you and highlights the key aspects that assist complete and holistic health across our four core bodily systems – the physical, mental, energetic and emotional.

The Holistic Guide covers everything from how to improve your immune system, nutritional guidance, mental health, the chakra system, numerology, emotional intelligence, advanced body language, deep breathing, meditation and more.

Working with psychologist David Moxon, international numerologist Ann Perry, Darren Rolfe from the addiction rehabilitation centre Steps Together and international medium and healer Sara Leslie, we have created a complete guide for your holistic health.

“The choices in life are always yours and yours alone. Do not let others define who you are; let YOU define the person you want to become.”

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Available now on Amazon and at all book shops.

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